For nearly 15 years, Alaska Alpine Adventures has worked to perfect wilderness cuisine. Each adventure is made a dash more savory with our delicious food recipes developed over the years by co-founder-guide-chef Derek Nelson and fine tuned by our food consultant, and legendary AAA guest, Mark Stevens

In 2012, owner Dan Oberlatz, operations manager Aaron Fetter, and guide Bryan Caenepeel launched Adventure Appetites - a unique food company specializing in preparing and packaging gourmet cuisine for adventurers in Alaska and beyond.  Today, Adventure Appetites is the sole provider for all Alaska Alpine Adventures cuisine.

We've always believed that best part of providing a unique experience to every guest is to deliver amazing food!  Rather the usual camp fare and off-the-shelf backpacking food, we've created some of the most original recipes you'll ever eat around the campfire. The healthy, flavorful, filling, and nutritious gourmet backcountry cuisine we serve always surprises our guests. After a day in the backcountry, sit back in your camp chair and enjoy steaming chicken satay over a bed of udon noodles followed by a homemade coffee toffee brownie. Start the morning with a chorizo-scramble breakfast burrito or a stack of hot blueberry flapjacks. Wherever you go and whatever you do, we're committed to fueling you up for your Alaska Alpine Adventure in the tastiest way possible.

We get questions regarding dietary restrictions regularly, and with the notable increase in today's food allergies, we've developed alternative menu's to address our clients dietary needs.  We take pride in providing guests with delicious menu alternatives that are nutricious and filling.  We're committed to taking the necessary steps to insure that your dietary needs are not an issue while you travel. 

"As the only Coeliac in the group, I had to have separate food and I can only say that I was absolutely delighted with the food throughout, it was much much better than I expected, tasty, filling, nutritious and plenty of it. Bryan did a great job, and any other Coeliacs you have along should be really happy and comfortable. To put this in context I can't remember being away from home for over a week and not getting ill at least in some way – so it is really remarkable. I was very very impressed."  Nick Porter - 2012 Guest


And be sure to visit Adventure Appetites before your next adventure into the wilderness.  They will ship dinners, breakfasts, and desserts from their amazing menu from Alaska to anywhere in the US or Canada.  Trust me, you will eat no finer! 

 Smiles of approval have led the way to a camp menu you might never imagine, let alone expect, this far from civilization.


Here's what some of our guests have said about our food over the years:

"The food was fantastic, and far exceeded our expectations."

"...oh yeah, and the food was OUTSTANDING!"

"The gear and the food were second to none."

"The food was way above expectations!"



Some of our preferred suppliers of the wilderness food we take into the backcountry:

  • AlpineAire - the lightest, tastiest, and easiest to prepare food for any occasion
  • Just Tomatoes - No Salt, No Sulfur, No Fat, No Sweeteners, No Preservatives. It’s the next best thing to eating out of your garden.
  • North Bay Trading Co. - North Bay Trading Co. is a family business which delivers high quality food to commercial and retail customers.
  • Adventure Appetites - Eat Better. Play Harder. Real Food For Your Next Adventure.

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