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Reservation Policies


A deposit of $1000.00 (or payment in full of the trip price is less than $1000) per person is required to reserve a trip with Alaska Alpine Adventures. The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to the start of the trip.
  Reservations made within 60 days of the trip starting date require payment in full. If the participant cancels a reservation earlier than 60 days prior to the starting date, the deposit will be refunded, minus a $100.00 administration fee.  If the participant cancels within 59-31 days of the starting date, 50% of the trip balance will be refunded.  If cancellation is made within 30-0 days of the trip starting date, there will be no refund of any costs*.  Alaska Alpine Adventures recommends cancellation insurance available through Travel Guard. Please call or email us for details. 

*See trip minimums below


 Alaska Alpine Adventures reserves the right to cancel or change the itinerary of a trip.  In the event that Alaska Alpine Adventures cancels your trip and you are unable to participate, your total balance will be refunded.  Occasionally, weather or other factors may cause delays or make completing a trip impossible.  In these circumstances, there will be no refund of fees.  Alaska Alpine Adventures is not responsible for any additional costs (e.g. airline flight changes, additional hotel nights, etc.) associated with trip delays or itinerary changes due to weather or other factors. 


In order to guarantee any Alaska Alpine Adventures goes at the listed price, a minimum number of participants must sign up.  Most of our wilderness trips (including our Ultimate Alaska Multisport) require a minimum of 3 guests to guarantee departure, while the Source to Sea Multisport, the Aniakchak River and our trips into the Arctic require a minimum of 4 guests to guarantee departure.


However we will operate our adventures at below the minimum required for the surcharges listed below.

Source to Sea Multisport, Kongakut River, Backpacking ANWR, Parks of the Alaska Peninsula, Arrigetch-Alatna Pack Raft, Backpacking the Arrigetch PeaksNoatak & Kobuk Combo

1 guest:  Listed price PLUS 100%

2 guests:  Listed price PLUS 40%

3 guests:  Listed price PLUS 25%


All other trips:

1 guest:  Listed price PLUS 100%

2 guests:  Listed price PLUS 25%  

At 31 days (45 days for the Source to Sea Multisport) prior to the starting date we will let you know whether or not your trip has met the minimum number of participants to guarantee the departure.  You will then have two full weeks to consider the following options.

  1) Elect to pay the below minimum surcharge to guarantee the trip.
  2) Switch to any another itinerary during the same dates - subject to availability and trip price adjustment.
  3) Cancel your trip minus a $100 administration fee.
  4) Roll your entire balance into a credit for a future trip with no penalty.  
 Please contact us with any specific questions or concerns.