Equipment Lists

We travel light, yet spare few comforts, and the following lists reflect this dogma. Our lists are based on typical seasonal and environmental conditions you are likely to encounter. Please refer to your particular adventure's logistics page for specific weather conditions common to your destination. Living by the tenant of "Hope for the best, plan for worst, and get something right in between" has served us quite well and often seems to sum up the Alaska experience. Environmental comfort levels will vary from person to person, so please select your clothing and equipment accordingly and use the following list as a guide. It must be stressed that the items listed (or your own favorite substitution) are mandatory and must be in your possession when you head into the field.

Backpacking Equipment List

Arrigetch-Alatna Backpacking & Rafting Equipment List

Basecamp Hiking Equipment List

Kayaking and Hiking Equipment List

Packaneering Equipment List

Mountaineering Equipment List

Rafting and Hiking Equipment List

Ski-Mountaineering Equipment List

Source to Sea Equipment List

Backcountry Ski Trips Equipment List

Ultimate Alaska Equipment List

Ski Cruise Equipment List

Katmai Coast Equipment List

Day Hike Equipment List

Polar Bears Equipment List

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