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New For 2014 New For 2014
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STAY TUNED - WE ARE BUILING A NEW WEBSITE AND HOPE TO PUBLISH BY NOVEMBER 1, 2015.  DATES, PRICES, AND INFO ARE CURRENT ON THIS VERSION OF THE WEBSITE, BUT WE WILL HAVE NEW TRIPS ON THE BIGGER & BETTER VERSION OF OUR ONLINE PRESENCE!  Explorers at heart, Alaska Alpine Adventures looks to visit new destinations  and regularly adds amazing new itineraries to our quiver of trips.  Check back often, and be the first to sign up for an amazing new exploratory adventure!
Multisport Tours Multisport Tours
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Alaska Alpine Adventures has been operating van-supported multisport tours throughout Alaska's great parks since 2003.  Hoping to get a taste of the real Alaska without the crowds?  These adventures take us hiking, kayaking, rafting, and glacier trekking, and ice climbing through three of Alaska's biggest and best National Parks!  Options for staying in comfortable lodges or camping out under the midnight sun are available with your visit to Denali, Wrangell - St. Elias, Kenai Fjords and Prince William Sound.  These small group multisport trips are truly adventures of a lifetime.  And with a maximum group size of 12-guests and two guides, you'll never be burdened by the weight of feeling like a passenger.
Hiking Trips Hiking Trips
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Hiking in Alaska is simply amazing.  The notion of untrammeled and often trail-less wilderness, endless mountain ranges, long tundra and flower clad ridges, vast glaciers, and abundant wildlife draws hikers from around the globe.  Though each Alaska Alpine Adventure involves some form of Alaska hiking, our basecamp adventures are day-hiking and wildlife viewing specific itineraries, which take us to some of Alaska's most remote and spectacular hiking destinations.  These trips allow an authentic Alaska wilderness travel experience yet only require that you carry a light day-pack. Our Alaska hiking trips are limited to 8-guests, and with a guest to guide ratio of 4:1 you are assured of our commitment to risk management, safe operations, and of course, solitude!
Backpacking Trips Backpacking Trips
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Alaska Backpacking continues to be one of our most popular activities and is one of the best ways to see the unexplored Alaska.  Set yourself on a ridge top and survey the remote majesty of Alaska's unclimbed peaks, clear streams, verdant tundra, and cobalt lakes.  We have itineraries for the experienced backpacker and even for those who have never been on a backpacking trip.  We pioneered many of our award-winning backpacking trips, some of which are now considered Alaska classics!  Seek the challenge and savor the wonder - join us for the Alaska backpacking adventure of a lifetime. Our Alaska backpacking trips are limited to 8-guests. And with a guest to guide ratio of 4:1, you are assured of our commitment to risk management, safe operations, and of course, complete solitude!
Kayaking Trips Kayaking Trips
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Kayaking is one of the most sublime modes of Alaska wilderness travel - to paddle along the shore of a remote glacial lake or to stroke the tidal waters of an Alaskan sea is both quintessential and surreal.  Our sea kayaking trips, suitable for beginners to experts, are multi-day wilderness expeditions through Alaska's most stunning mountain landscapes.  Perfect for families, independent travelers or groups of friends, these trips allow one to experience the real Alaska without having to carry a backpack.  Throw in a few days of tundra hiking and you're in for a phenomenally active and exciting combination. Our Alaska kayaking trips are limited to 8-guests, and with a maximum guest to guide ratio of 4:1,  you'll be assured of our commitment to risk management, safe operations, and of course, complete wilderness solitude!
Rafting Trips Rafting Trips
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Rafting an Alaska river in an inflatable canoe or inflatable kayak is a comprehensive way to truly experience the Last Frontier. Traveling through the Alaska wilderness along a river is both fun and efficient - no other mode of non-motorized wilderness travel allows you to see so much country.  Alaska rivers shape the landscape and sustain a broad array of life within their corridors.  Alaska Alpine Adventures has been guiding remote, multi-day wilderness rafting trips for 14 years, and our expeditions have taken us from the crystal-clear waters of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the turbid glacial waters common in the Alaska Range.  Never more difficult than class III, the rivers we select offer challenge for the novice, great hiking opportunities, and pure untouched wilderness.  Our Alaska rafting trips are limited to 8-guests. And with a maximum guest to guide ratio of 4:1,  you are assured of our commitment to risk management, safe operations, and total solitude!
Packaneering Trips Packaneering Trips
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Are you a serious backpacker who's looking to step into the world of mountaineering?  Or are you a mountaineer looking to climb an obscure Alaska peak or complete a big traverse of a remote mountain range?  Then our Packaneering adventures are just for you. Combining rugged backpacking with the addition of light glacier travel gear allows us to explore unnamed valleys and unclimbed peaks in the Alaska, Aleutian, and Brooks mountain ranges.  Whether plunging steps up a glacier clad peak in the Brooks Range, an active volcano in Katmai,  or pioneering new traverses in the Revelation Mountains or Neacola Mountains, you'll find our packaneering adventures authentic Alaska expeditions!  Alaska Alpine Adventures has been guiding exploratory trips into Alaska's most remote and rugged mountain ranges since 2003.  Here are some of Alaska's most incredible backcountry trips - truly trips of a lifetime!  
Skiing Tours Skiing Tours
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Alaska Alpine Adventures has been leading skiing and Alaska ski-mountaineerng trips in Alaska's remote mountain ranges since 1999.   Whether you're looking for a multi-day ski mountaineering clinic or a day tour of the local Chugach or Talkeetna Mountains, our skiing and ski mountaineering tours are guided by trained and certified guides - true big mountain professionals.  Our Alaska backcountry ski tours include trips to some of Alaska's most amazing mountain ranges.  We run ski tours into the Chugach, Alaska Range, the Wrangell Mountains, and our favorite destination - the Neacola Mountains deep in the heart of Lake Clark National Park.
Family Adventures Family Adventures
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Dream of discovering Alaska and finding adventure for the whole family?   Alaska Alpine Adventures has been helping families experience Real Alaska for well over a decade.  Join us on one of our many adventures suitable for families.  Whether kayaking on a sublime azure lake in the heart of Lake Clark National Park, hiking to a spectacular overlook from one of our comfortable basecamps, or experiencing a multisport sampler of the states most amazing road accessible National Parks, you are sure to have the family vacation of a lifetime!
Featured Trips Featured Trips
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Below is a list of adventures we've chosen to highlight as Featured Trips this year!
Day Excursions Day Excursions
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Day hiking tours in Denali National Park
"A great multi-sport adventure for our HS students. Could not have been planned better!"
Jim Shields

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