Gates of the Arctic National Park

Gates of the Arctic National Park, despite being the recipient of frequent media attention over the past 45 years, remains one of the most remote and unspoiled places on earth. Its 8.4 million acres cover an area twice the size of Connecticut and only slightly smaller than Switzerland. The park is essentially a road-less wilderness area and, except for limited and difficult access along the Dalton highway, most recreational visitors choose to enter the park via chartered airplane. The park is home to the Arrigetch Mountains, which means, “fingers of the hand extended”, and is a mountainous area comprised of a tilted intrusion of granite that has been hailed as the hallmark of Gates of the Arctic. Perhaps wilderness activist Bob Marshall described the area best when in 1929 he described the Arrigetch as “…a series of sensational needlelike peaks extending in a horseshoe around a gushing creek which rose in the glacier.”  Traversing the landscape below these giants alters our sense of scale as well as our definition of true wilderness.  The Noatak River area of the park also provides our guests with an unparalleled remote wilderness experience.  Rafting, hiking, backpacking in Gates of the Arctic are the activities that Alaska Alpine Adventures specializes in and we have been operating in Gates of the Arctic National Park since 2005.`

Available Trips in Gates of the Arctic National Park

Noatak River & Great Kobuk Sand Dunes Combination - Gates of the Arctic and Kobuk Valley National Parks

DURATION: 12 days
LENGTH: 50+ miles
SEASON: Summer

Join us for an amazing combination guided rafting and hiking trip through two of Alaska’s most remote national parks. You’ll spend the first 6 days of our adventure kayaking and hiking along the Noatak River. The Noatak River is a...

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Backpacking the Arrigetch Peaks - Gates of the Arctic National Park

DURATION: 10 days
LENGTH: 40+ miles
SEASON: Summer

The Arrigetch, meaning "fingers of the outstretched hands", are a cluster of peaks within the mighty Brooks Range. The Arrigetch Peaks are known for their sheer walls, vertical spires and spectacular relief. Join us for a 10-day exploratory backpacking adventure...

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Arrigetch-Alatna Pack Raft - Gates of the Arctic National Park

DURATION: 12 days
LENGTH: 35+ miles, 50+ river miles
SEASON: Summer

Our incomparable 12-day combination adventure will take you backpacking and hiking through the Arrigetch Peaks region of the central Brooks Range plus canoeing down the Wild and Scenic Alatna River.  For those looking for the quintessential expedition into the remote...

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